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Financial observers, market analysts and the specialized pressoften underestimate the importance and complexity of the automotive aftermarket and even industry experts and practitioners can be guilty of this at times.

It is often said that spare parts are to cars what blades are to razors and cartridges are to printers: sell the cars and the parts will follow. But reality is much more complex: competition is fierce – not necessarily on price, but on logistics service, product range, availability, customer proximity – and the blurring border between OES and IAM is part of a changing competitive scenario including the migration of vehicle manufacturing to Asia.

Management3 is an independent observer whose partners have years of industry experience working for and with component manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers, and serving on the board of service and distribution companies. We can leverage this experience to help your business when complex decisions have to be taken.

We analyse data and interview market players to design scenarios for our clients when they face strategic issues such as: